About Stargazers

Stargazers is Truman State University’s organization for all students who are interested in astronomy. There are no requirements for membership other than an interest in the night sky; all are welcome. Access to our constitution is found here.  We meet regularly to discuss astronomy, host several open houses at TSU’s observatory each semester, and also do various astronomy-related activities throughout the year.

At our open houses, we set up several telescopes including the “big one” under the dome, point them all at interesting night sky objects, and allow anyone from the student body or the Kirksville community to come out and have a look. It’s a great opportunity to expose newcomers to the wonders of the night sky, and even on cold nights, we all have a great time. In addition to general open houses, we also host private open houses. For more information, including directions and dates of open house nights, click here.


Other activities we have done in the past include participating in Science on Saturday and setting up a solar telescope on the mall.


  • President: Rebecca Schroeder
  • Vice President: Joey Mott
  • Secretary: Nick Maag
  • Treasurer: Adele Raquepaw
  • Director of Outreach: Nick Maag
  • Webmaster / Public Relations: Wyatt Schmidt
  • Risk Manager: Nick Maag
  • Associate Directors of Outreach: Kendall Vickers

Academic Advisor: Vayujeet Gokhale